Impek: Imperial Eklectic Apparel


Impek is a vibrant, eclectic, genre-fluid Apparel Brand based in Denver, Colorado. We represent a Lifestyle that encompasses a diverse collage of premium style, artistic expression, and a deep love of the great outdoors. Our goal is to bring you the best and most comfortable apparel and art available; while showcasing in-house design, custom-built styles, and collaborative artist's works. IMPEK was forged in Upstate, N.Y. in the Winter of 2008; as a means to supply local high school and college friends with custom-dyed, neon tees and hoodies for the local party and music scene. Over the years we have traveled, learned, and expanded to carry a wider array of apparel, accessories and head wear. Our collaborative design team has expanded also, together we form a community of greater reach and meaning. In the spirit of this eklectic assembly, we aim to support and promote, pivotal social and environmental causes. Through Our network of friends, Impek works to provide opportunity and exposure for other developing designers and artists. We work hard and play smart, so that We can continue to bring you the best and brightest styles for the future. Captivating both the elegance of nature and the gritty artistry of the streets. IMPEK thanks you for your time and energies as a contributing denizen of Earth.

Conserve The Wild Places.